What Are The Different Kinds Plans Under SBI Life Insurance?

SBI Life Insurance is amongst the top life insurance companies in India. It is a joint venture between two leading banks, The State Bank of India, and BNP Paribas Cardiff. The SBI Life Insurance was the first private life insurance company which became profitable. It has a huge customer base and banking channel reach. The wide range of life insurance products makes it one of the best life insurance providers in India.


Know Everything about SBI Life Insurance

There are a number of plans designed by the company under the SBI Life Insurance plan which caters to the need of everyone including individuals and groups. These plans have been categorized into 2 forms to meet the requirements of everyone: Individual Plans and Group Plans. These plans are described below:


Ø    SBI Life Insurance for Individuals

There are a number of life insurance policies offered by the SBI Life insurance to its individual customers.


  1. SBI Life Unit-linked Insurance Plans:

SBI Unit-linked insurance policies provide life insurance protection to the individuals along with a chance to gain the market linked returns. There protections plans are long-term and offer investment opportunities. They are:

  • SBI Life – Smart Wealth Builder
  • SBI Life – Smart Wealth Assure
  • SBI Life – Saral Maha Anand
  • SBI Life – Smart Scholar
  • SBI Life – Smart Elite
  • SBI Life – Smart Power Insurance
  • SBI Life – Smart Privilege
  • SBI Life – eWealth Insurance


  1. SBI Life Insurance Child Plans:

The SBI Life Insurance Child Plans offer two policies that provide great benefits to the children over time. It is always great to plan for your child’s future. These are the options from which you can choose the best suitable plan for your child.

  • SBI Life – Smart Champ Insurance
  • SBI Life – Smart Scholar


  1. SBI
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