Tips for Determining the Best Price for Selling a Home

For those of you who plan to sell a house in the near future, we can be sure the thing that most disturbs your mind now is how much is a worthy sale price for the house. The reason is, selling a house with too expensive prices will certainly be difficult.

Conversely, selling at too low prices will certainly not be profitable. Especially if the money from the sale is intended for the purchase of new housing, this will be increasingly difficult because you will automatically adjust the price to the price indicated on the new house that you will buy. Here are tips for determining the best price to sell your home, for more information : Real Estate Agent

Conduct Market Research

Actually, there is not much you can do as a seller in determining the best price to sell a house, other than doing market research. Part of this market research is having to find and find a price comparison for the house. You can do small surveys, either through the Internet or other media, about house prices that are similar to yours. In terms of buildings, facilities, land area and other trinkets. Make sure the comparison is still within the radius of your environment. Are there similar houses offered around the house to be sold. See the price offered.

Pay attention to the technical aspects of your property

If in reality you don’t find a comparison around your house, try to look for a wider radius. Of course the comparison is still in one region or district / city. This is because every city / region in Indonesia has a relatively large price difference for the price of a property. The comparison itself can be seen from a number of points, such as land and building area, legality, characteristics of the house that cover direction, free of flooding or not, the shape and age of buildings, security, and other things.

If you rate your home better than a comparison house, then offer a higher price. Vice versa. Knowing the comparative price is very important. This can give you a price grip if at any time someone offers. By knowing and having a comparison price, you have a “weapon” to refuse or accept the offer.

Knowing Land Prices

Another way you can use to determine the price of a house is to find out the price of a square meter of land in your area. For the record, calculate the separate price of the land and building. For example the land price of $600 million and the building price of $250 million, then you should offer a house with a price of 20% above that price, which is around $1 billion. This is called the ceiling price in negotiations. ceiling price aims to maintain a per-determined fair price of $850 million.

Finally, if you do not have the time to conduct a survey to determine the best price for selling a house, you should use an appraisal service. Although determining the best price for selling a house can be very challenging, don’t forget to do the tips above before determining a price. If you sell because you are in need of money, then you can discount 5-10% of the price of the house that you have estimated to attract more buyers’ attention.

Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are determining the selling price of a property. Happy selling!